Information for our Clients regarding Carnegie, Inc.’s Business Continuity Plan

NASD Rule 3510 requires that the Firm provide customers with disclosure regarding what actions the Firm will take in the event of a Significant Business Disruption (SBD). The Firm has back up procedures in place in case of a disruption which would keep us from our offices at 20 West 55th Street.  The Firm intends to continue doing business after a disruption as soon as possible after the event and depending on its severity. If the Firm’s business is disrupted by an emergency affecting only its New York offices, it will continue business at an alternate location until such time that it can return to its offices. If the disruption affects only the Firm’s offices, it expects to be operating in its back-up location within a few hours. If the disruption is city-wide or region-wide, the Firm intends to continue with its business as soon as assuring the safety of its employees and as soon as physically possible. 

During an SBD, either internal or external, we will continue to take orders through any of these methods that are available and reliable, and in addition, as communications permit, we will inform our customers when communications become available to tell them what alternatives they have to send their orders to us. Customers will be informed of alternatives by phone or email or posting to our website.  If necessary, we will advise our customers to place orders directly with our clearing firm at Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, and Copenhagen.